Source One's equipment allows us to do more than repossess autos!

Source One Adjusters owns and operates a fleet of self-loading, damage free repossession trucks to ensure safe recovery of all types of collateral. To enhance our repossession agent’s efficiency in recovery time, GPS systems are installed in all of our repossession trucks. In addition, our car carriers and transporters provide regular delivery to auction, including our own weekly public auction, Skipco Auto Auction.

Our fleet of 125+ repossession trucks are equipped with all the tools necessary to recover all types of vehicles. Our recovery agents facilitate real-time reporting through ClearPlan, Recovery Database Network and Recovery Connect Mobile.

Repossession Trucks

Our modern repossession fleet of over 125 vehicles, allows us to easily cover the entire state of Ohio and parts of the surrounding states. Our trucks are strategically positioned at our seven fully staffed repossession locations, helping to reduce recovery time for your vehicles.

Camera Cars

We have camera cars working around the clock to bring you 1 million license plates per month. Source One is a DRN and MV Trac affiliate with multiple License Plate Recognition Units on the road throughout the state of Ohio.

We have a wide range of Recovery Vehicles

We can recover passenger vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, RV and campers 20’ long or less. Our agents are equipped to recover all types of commercial equipment, including semi’s, tractor trailers, construction and landscaping equipment. We also have the specialized ability to recover, store and liquidate business inventories.

Car Carriers

Our car carriers and transporters provide regular delivery to the auction. Source One Adjusters clients choosing to remarket collateral with Skipco Auto Auction receive FREE storage! Source One also has one of the lowest transportation fees to our auction lot. We charge a flat rate of $55, while many of our competitors charge a much higher transportation base rate plus mileage fees.