About Source One

Simply put, what you see is what you get.  At Source One, we consider ourselves to be a partner to our clients, not just a vendor.   Our ability to accommodate the needs of our clients has enabled Source One Adjusters of Ohio to become the largest repossession company in the state.  Our success is a direct result of a professional approach to the effective recovery of all types of collateral.

Source One Adjusters has been serving the financial community since 1978.  Our organization consists of seven recovery offices located in Akron/Canton, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati/ Dayton, Toledo/Bowling Green, Mansfield and Youngstown.   Each of our locations are fully operational, staffed during regular business hours and contain both indoor & outdoor storage.  Our staff consists of account managers, office managers, repossession agents, skip-tracers, transporters, lot personnel, billing specialists and administrative support. This attention to all areas of operations enables Source One to consistently achieve excellent ratings on performance reports provided by the lending institutions partnered with us.

Source One Adjusters embraces a commitment to our clients that is second to none.   Our fleet of self-loading, damage free repossession trucks are equipped with all the tools necessary to recover all types of vehicles.  To enhance our efficiency in recovery time, GPS systems are mounted on all of our repossession trucks and agents are equipped with lap tops to facilitate “real-time” reporting through the Recovery Database Network (RDN).

The State of Ohio is considered a self-help state and does not require a license to repossess, this has led to inexperienced agents in the field who are unqualified to demonstrate compliance with laws pertaining to “breach of peace”.  This is way Source One Adjusters has a firm commitment to continuing education for our employees in the field.  Our agents are trained & certified by C.A.R.S. and we are licensed as private investigators in the state of Ohio.  Source One Adjusters adds to all of this a 25 year member affiliation with Time Finance Adjusters and an established internal company policy to enforce compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy Rules.  Source One Adjusters is proud to be the sole agent in Ohio for the pick up, storage and sale of U.S. Marshal seized vehicles.

Source One Adjusters carries the most comprehensive liability insurance available in the industry.  In addition to a 4 Million Dollar all-inclusive ACORD Insurance Policy, we add a 1 Million Dollar Time Bond as well as Workers Compensation to eliminate potential liability risks to the clients contracting our services.

Learn More About Comprehensive Liability Insurance

To protect our clients’ interest against liability, Source One Adjusters maintains the highest level of insurance coverage available in the industry.  Our all-inclusive 4 Million Dollar Certificate of Insurance exceeds industry standards and is endorsed by an A+ provider. As members of American Recovery Association (ARA) for 25 years, Source One Adjusters is backed by a 1 Million Dollar Crime and Fidelity Bond. To further strengthen our commitment to provide a blanket of coverage to our clients, every repossession agent and transporter is an employee of the company and covered by the benefits provided by the Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Copies of our Certificate of Insurance, Time Bond and Workers Compensation are available upon request.

Why It is important to have Comprehensive insurance coverage

The courts have held that “the secured party is responsible for the actions of others taken on the secured party’s behalf, including independent contractors engaged by the secured party to take possession of collateral”. In other words, without the proper insurance coverage, the lien holder is liable for any damages claimed by the debtor from the initial assignment to its final resolution. Countless judgments, ranging from the hundreds to millions, have been awarded to debtors including wrongful repossession, breach of peace, property damage and bodily injury. Basic tow coverage and garage keepers liability is not “full coverage” and exposes the lender to unnecessary lawsuits.
When selecting a repossession agency first determine if the Certificate of Insurance provides automobile liability including non-owned, hired and repossessed auto’s with “on-hook” coverage. In order to extend this coverage to the lien holder, the lender must be added as a “certificate holder” to the policy.
Injury to a repossession agent, in the act of fulfilling the contractual assignment, is a potential claim to the lien holder if the company retained does not provide Workers Compensation to its agents in the field.

Knowledge is imperative when selecting a repossession agency and research is key to making an informed decision.

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